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Breathe easy with dental hygiene services in Milton, ON

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Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON provides a broad range of treatments to restore dental health when it has become compromised by trauma or disease. Wouldn’t you rather avoid such situations, though? Our dental hygiene services help you enjoy a sparkling smile and fresh breath, with reduced need for restorative procedures.

Dental hygiene services are personalized in Milton, ON

Whether you call it an exam, checkup, or routine visit, at Scott and Derry Dental Care, it begins with a thorough professional cleaning:

  • The hygienist leads you to a treatment room and helps you settle comfortably into the chair. As the chair is reclined, the light is adjusted to protect your eyes.
  • The hygienist uses specially-designed manual instruments to scale teeth – gently scraping away surface stains, hardened tartar deposits, and the sticky film of bacterial plaque. This is usually done in quadrants, repositioning your head slightly to get to hidden areas you cannot see or reach with brush and floss. You get frequent rinse and swallow breaks.
  • As she works, the hygienist notes any areas of concern and later brings them to the dentist’s attention.
  • Teeth are polished with a buffing compound applied via a small rubbery prophy cup attached to a motorized handpiece. This treatment results in smoother tooth surfaces that resist accumulation of plaque. It also gives your smile a fresh gleam.
  • If you choose to have fluoride treatment or dental sealants to reduce risk of cavities, these treatments are performed right after cleaning.
  • X-rays may be taken to help the dentist monitor your oral condition. Our digital system is quick and comfortable, with minimal exposure to radiation.

The next phase of your visit is a comprehensive oral examination by the dentist. If the doctor identifies areas of concern, treatment options are discussed. This is also a good time to talk about breath freshening solutions and teeth whitening. The doctor answers your questions about home oral hygiene and recommends tools and products most appropriate for your situation. We are happy to develop a personalized program to help you feel confident with every aspect of your smile.

Continuum of care

An effective hygiene program is not “once and done.” We are committed to helping you have a healthy mouth for life. As you check out, our friendly front desk team answers billing questions, and schedules follow-up treatment (if needed) or your next checkup.

I highly recommend this office. The staff is very professional. Got my cleaning and filling done here. Very happy with the professional service. they take their time and they really care about the patients.
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You are encouraged to contact our office at any time you have queries or concerns. The number for Scott and Derry Dental Care is

(855) 438-4999

Dr. Jifri and associates are very professional, caring and efficient. I am pleased with the services they provided. I would highly recommend them. Google Review about Scott and Derry Dental Care
Originally Posted on best Google reviews for the dentist Milton, ON
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