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Dental inlays: An attractive treatment option available in Milton, ON

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Today, most dental patients want dental treatment that restores their ability to chew and speak normally and looks attractive in the smile. Dr. Jameela Jifri agrees! She and her team at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON offer a number of restoration options that blend beautifully with natural tooth structure, including dental inlays.

Milton, ON dentist explains dental inlays

An inlay is sometimes referred to as a partial crown. You no doubt know that a filling is a restorative material, molded and placed on-site, to repair an area of decay or breakage. A crown encircles a tooth that has been significantly reduced in size, providing strength and protection. A dental inlay fills the need between a filling and a full crown.

An inlay is a ceramic restoration designed by the dentist and fabricated at an off-site dental laboratory for precise fit. It is placed into a prepared tooth to fill space between the cusps on the chewing surface, or the area between teeth. An inlay is appropriate for a cavity or damage too large to support a composite filling. Yet an inlay is more conservative than a crown, requiring less reduction of natural tooth structure.

Two dental visits are necessary for an inlay – one to prepare the tooth and take impressions, and another to have the inlay cemented in place. Don’t worry, though. The dentist places a temporary filling to protect the prepped tooth, which is then easily removed.

Additional benefits of dental inlays

  • Aesthetic – The porcelain material is quite stain-resistant, so it continues to look natural over time.
  • Long -lasting – This stable restoration can be expected to last longer than a filling.
  • Strengthens the tooth – Reducing risk of further damage.
  •  Seals out bacteria – Minimizing chance of decay under the repair work.

Personalized treatment

At Scott and Derry Dental Care, there is never a one-size-fits-all strategy. Dr. Jifri offers a broad range of treatment options such as white fillings, ceramic inlays, and porcelain crowns in order to customize treatment to the individual patient. The care you receive is tailored to your oral condition, the outcome you want to achieve – both aesthetic and functional, your budget, and your busy schedule. Our goal is to provide quality dentistry with beautiful results that last many years.

Scott and Derry Dental Care

Dr. Jameela jifri is v nice and v knowledgeable dr. I went first her Mississauga branch and now in Milton Every time it’s going great. She is like my family dentist. Highly recommended.
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New patients of all ages are welcome at Scott and Derry Dental Care.


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Dr. Jifri and associates are very professional, caring and efficient. I am pleased with the services they provided. I would highly recommend them. Natalia Barry Read More Reviews

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