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Smile again with quality dentures from Milton, ON dentist

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Smiling and laughing, communicating clearly, eating well, and feeling good about ourselves are simple joys we all deserve. Yet even a few missing teeth can have a severe impact on those quality of life factors. Dr. Jameela Jifri helps patients throughout the Milton, ON area rediscover oral function and confidence with quality dentures.

Types of dentures available in Milton, ON

Dr. Jifri and her team at Scott and Derry Dental Care genuinely enjoy denture cases. They understand the challenges faced by individuals with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures and work hard to get you smiling again.

Here are denture options available at the office:

  • Partial – One or multiple missing teeth in an arch can be replaced with this technique. The frame has metal fasteners that clip to existing teeth to stabilize the denture.
  •   Single – This full denture replaces all teeth, as well as contiguous oral tissues, in the upper or lower arch.
  •  Complete – A full set of upper and lower teeth that work together to restore function. Well-designed complete dentures help to restore facial and lip volume, too.
  •  Immediate – This denture, partial or full, is designed in advance and inserted on the day teeth are extracted. It protects the mouth as it heals, and you don’t have to go without teeth during the recovery period. When healing is complete, and the shape of mouth tissues stabilized, the denture is relined or replaced to ensure comfortable fit.
  •  Implant-retained – Dental implants – usually four, six, or eight – are placed in an arch. A full denture is constructed with attachments that snap onto implant abutments for dramatically improved stability and comfort. An implant-supported denture also helps to preserve jaw bone, avoiding a sunken facial appearance.

Personalized experience

Basically, a denture is a removable prosthetic that holds artificial teeth in the place of those that are missing. A denture has an acrylic base colored pink to resemble gum tissue. Teeth are usually made of strong acrylic resin that resists stains and wear. At Scott and Derry Dental Care, the size, shape, and arrangement of teeth, and the color of teeth and gums is customizable. Each aspect is tailored to complement the appearance your face and most importantly to support oral function.

We work closely with a reputable denture lab in the fabrication of your new smile. You can expect several visits during design and fitting. Before you leave the office, you receive unhurried guidance on adapting to denture wear, and how to care for your dentures and mouth.

Dr. Jameela Jiffri & her entire staff from people at reception to dental assistants and hygenists all are extremely friendly and caring. Strongly recommend this place as First Choice Dental Care for my town of Milton.
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Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON best dentist Dr. Jameela Jifri

Scott and Derry Dental Care - Dr. Jameela Jifri

If you are looking for a dentist facility where your entire family can get treated with the same professional care, Scott and Derry dental care is the one for you. We provide a comfortable environment for patients of all ages and backgrounds to get treated for dental related issues. With up to date technology and the latest equipment, we assure the best quality services from our skilled team of dentists led by Dr.Jameela Jifri. Our services range from preventive, general, hygiene, restorative dental treatments and cosmetic enhancements to dental surgeries. As we value your convenience we offer flexible appointment schedules with weekends and late-night appointment time and easy locations with free parking facilities. Dental facilities are designed with free Wi-Fi, a clean environment and a classy ambience to help patients relax and feel comfortable at all times. All treatments are catered to each patient's unique conditions and needs including their lifestyle and budget. Our staff consists of professional individuals who are passionate about helping people lead a healthier happy life and they are ready to guide you throughout the process with any help needed.


(855) 438-4999

today to schedule a dentures consultation with Dr. Jifri in Milton, ON.

I recently moved from the states and was in need for a new dentist. Have to say I found what I was looking for! The staff is on point and Dr.Jifri took her time, gave me a full examination and gave me some options for a few problem areas I have with my teeth. I appreciated that so much, because she didn't just throw out all of this expensive pricing plan for everything. I was able to decide which things I wanted to tackle first, and which I could reasonably afford. Cannot say enough good things about the staff..give this place a shot! Google Review about Scott and Derry Dental Care
Originally Posted on best Google reviews for the dentist Milton, ON
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