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Play it safe with sports mouthguards in Milton, ON

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Athletes of all ages are at risk of injury during contact sports. Our practice in Milton, ON offers customized appliances – sports mouthguards, for both children and adults.

Who needs to wear sports mouthguards?

If you are involved in any activity that is likely to involve a physical impact to the mouth or face, you should be wearing a guard. This includes football, soccer, hockey, mountain biking, skate boarding, and more. Whether part of a team activity, or a casual backyard game with friends, these and similar sports can lead to serious injury without proper protection.

The benefits of customized dental mouthguards

There are several types of mouthguards available. You may be tempted to turn to readily available “one size fits all” or “boil and bite” guards that are commonly available in retail stores. However, these devices do not offer the same level of comfort or protection as those custom-designed by a dentist.

  • Maximum protection – Like most safety gear, a mouthguard needs to fit perfectly in order to achieve maximum protection. Off-the-shelf solutions, even those claiming to conform to the mouth, do not fit as well as a professionally designed, custom appliances.
  • Comfortable and convenient – An optimal fit is also essential when it comes to comfort. Additionally, our mouthguards are made of smooth and lightweight materials, so they don’t feel bulky.
  • Durability – We work with a reputable dental laboratory to deliver high quality appliances that are made to last.

What to expect

The process of creating an individualized mouthguard is fast and efficient. After an evaluation, we will create an impression of your teeth. It will be used to design an appliance that matches the natural contours of your mouth. The design process also accounts for individual needs of each patient, such as the rapid growth of children.

The next step is creation of the mouthguard. A trained dental laboratory technician will use a cast, based on the impressions, to create the final appliance. This is accomplished by applying thermoplastic resin to the cast, followed by precision cooling and curing techniques. The result is a strong, thin, comfortable mouthguard that conforms to the contours of your teeth and gums.

Once your mouthguard is ready, you will return for a final appointment. We will check the appliance, ensure that it fits properly, and give you instructions to care for it. This includes regular cleaning in warm (not hot) water, avoiding abrasives, and storing the appliance in a safe, sanitary place when not in use. With good care, it should last for many years to come.

Amazing and professional service starting from reception to Dr. Jameela Jifri and Ms.Laxmi. Everyone is very accommodating and not pushy at all. I DO NOT write reviews but they deserve it. Will strongly recommend to everyone.
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Don’t take chances – if you need a sports mouthguard, call Scott and Derry Dental Care at

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I recently moved from the states and was in need for a new dentist. Have to say I found what I was looking for! The staff is on point and Dr.Jifri took her time, gave me a full examination and gave me some options for a few problem areas I have with my teeth. I appreciated that so much, because she didn't just throw out all of this expensive pricing plan for everything. I was able to decide which things I wanted to tackle first, and which I could reasonably afford. Cannot say enough good things about the staff..give this place a shot! Google Review about Scott and Derry Dental Care
Originally Posted on best Google reviews for the dentist Milton, ON
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