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White fillings contribute to robust smiles in Milton, ON

Perfect set of Teeth

Anyone can get a cavity at any age. It does not mean you have bad teeth or poor hygiene, and there is no reason others need to be aware of it. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her team at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON provide white fillings that blend seamlessly with tooth structure for smiles that look naturally healthy.

What causes tooth decay?

Every day your mouth wages a silent battle with oral bacteria. Some are beneficial, aiding in the digestive process. Others overpopulate quickly without regular brushing and flossing. They form an invisible, tacky biofilm called plaque. It protects bacteria from being washed away when you swallow, and it traps bits of food debris from your meals. Bacteria consume sugars and starches. The acid waste they produce as they feed eats holes in enamel and dentin, creating cavities. Without treatment, decay penetrates deep into tooth structures, triggering toothache and eventually requiring root canal therapy or extraction.

Milton, ON patients of all ages benefit from white fillings

With modern composite filling materials, there is no need to repair tooth decay with noticeable silver-colored amalgam. In the hands of an experienced dentist, white fillings are virtually undetectable. Adults need the confidence of a healthy-looking smile in business and social situations, and kids want to look good, too.

Here are some of the other aspects of white fillings that Scott and Derry Dental Care patients appreciate:

  • Conservative – An amalgam filling is pressed into place, while a white filling is securely bonded into a prepared tooth, leaving more healthy tooth intact.
  • Preservative – Composite resin is similar in density and hardness to teeth. That makes it gentler to the opposing tooth, reducing wear. In addition the material expands and contract more like a real tooth, minimizing risk of fractures that lead to additional dental work in the future.
  • Non-reactive and non-conductive – White fillings contain no metal. They do not discolor from acidic foods or conduct heat and cold from beverages (which can stimulate sensitivity).
  • Durable – Composite is strong, for long-lasting restorations even on molars. The material also resists stains. With good home hygiene it maintains an attractive match.
  • Safe removal of existing dental work – Dr. Jifri and her team are trained and experienced in safe removal of old amalgam fillings, at your request.
  • Guaranteed – At Scott and Derry Dental Care, we stand behind our work! We will replace any filling we provided, for up to one year after initial placement, if it fails for any reason.

Reviews and Smile Transformation Results

We have been going to Scott and Dairy Dental for the past two years. The staff are very knowledge and skilled. I recommend Scott and a Dairy Dental in Milton.
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Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON best dentist Dr. Jameela Jifri

Scott and Derry Dental Care - Dr. Jameela Jifri

If you are looking for a dentist facility where your entire family can get treated with the same professional care, Scott and Derry dental care is the one for you. We provide a comfortable environment for patients of all ages and backgrounds to get treated for dental related issues. With up to date technology and the latest equipment, we assure the best quality services from our skilled team of dentists led by Dr.Jameela Jifri. Our services range from preventive, general, hygiene, restorative dental treatments and cosmetic enhancements to dental surgeries. As we value your convenience we offer flexible appointment schedules with weekends and late-night appointment time and easy locations with free parking facilities. Dental facilities are designed with free Wi-Fi, a clean environment and a classy ambience to help patients relax and feel comfortable at all times. All treatments are catered to each patient's unique conditions and needs including their lifestyle and budget. Our staff consists of professional individuals who are passionate about helping people lead a healthier happy life and they are ready to guide you throughout the process with any help needed.

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