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Cosmetic Dentistry

The range of cosmetic dentistry options reflect our patients’ diverse needs and goals

Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Milton ON Area

Our team at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, Ontario, appreciates that every individual we partner with has different needs, goals, experiences, behaviours, lifestyles, and budgets. To accommodate our diverse range of patients and their families, we are equipped to offer equally wide-ranging cosmetic dentistry options, from effective and convenient home teeth whitening to full smile makeovers. Cosmetic dentistry can mean so many different things, which is why we offer many different products and procedures to reveal teeth and gums that are as pleasing to the eye as they are healthy and functional.  Cosmetic dentistry services we provide In … Continue reading

A Guide to Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dental Options in Milton ON Area

Having a full smile can be a great personal asset. However, problems with the appearance of your teeth will come up from time to time. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates at Scott and Derry Dental Care offer a wide range of cosmetic dental options in Milton, Ontario. All will meet your needs and fit within your budget constraints. What are Cosmetic Dental Procedures Cosmetic dental procedures are a form of specialized dentistry that improves the appearance and function of a patient’s mouth. Also, cosmetic dentistry services help restore a person’s self-confidence to show their teeth in public settings. The … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental care services to enhance Milton, ON smiles

Cosmetic Dental Care Services at Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

Do you find yourself hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed about its appearance? Enhancing your smile doesn’t need to be extremely time-consuming or expensive. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, we provide a wide array of cosmetic dental care services ranging from tooth whitening that you do in the comfort of your home to full smile makeovers, and many options in between! Addressing your cosmetic dental concerns without judgment Some patients are reluctant to bring up aesthetic issues that they dislike about their smile because they find them embarrassing, but at Scott and Derry Dental Care, we … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Milton ON

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Milton ON Area

There are different types of cosmetic dental treatments in Milton, ON, for you to take advantage of. These treatments have helped many dental patients improve their oral health. Here at Scott and Derry Dental Care, we take pride in creating customized cosmetic dental services for any of our patients. What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry aims to enhance your smile and teeth look and feel and not just for superficial reasons. Yes, getting your teeth whitened will make you feel better because you will have a great smile, but it will also increase your self-confidence. Different cosmetic dental treatments come … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in Milton, ON offers custom teeth bonding for gaps

Cosmetic Teeth Bonding at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

A beautiful, even smile helps you make a good impression. Unfortunately, imperfections such as gaps or chipped teeth can mar the smile, cause embarrassment, or make you hide your smile. Now, cosmetic bonding is available to transform your smile. Scott and Derry Dental Care offer custom teeth bonding in Milton, ON to address smile imperfections. A diastema is a gap between two teeth. Diastemas are most common between the front two teeth, but they can occur anywhere in the mouth. Cosmetic dental bonding is a short office procedure that allows the dentist to successfully close unwanted space between the teeth. … Continue reading

Patients in Milton, ON are discovering the link between cosmetic dental services and self-confidence

Cosmetic Dentist Office at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

Are you aware that cosmetic dentistry will improve more than just your smile? The aim of a cosmetic dentist indeed is to enhance and improve the visual aesthetics of your smile, but what many patients don’t realize is the boost their self-esteem and confidence will also receive. It is truly one of the greatest side effects of cosmetic dentistry and will improve your overall quality of life. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her team at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, love sending patients away with a smile that is more beautiful than ever before. Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental treatments available with Milton, ON area dentist

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Milton area

Dr. Jameela Jifri and her team of professionals at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON is a dentist who offers patients in the community a selection of cosmetic dental treatments. From aesthetic dentistry to preventive care, our practice offers services for patients “near me” that enhance the smile’s appearance and allow individuals to feel confident with their smiles once again! What is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is a focused field of dental work that ensures that all procedures performed in the mouth are aesthetic. Patients not only want to address common dental concerns but do so in a … Continue reading

Improve your smile with teeth whitening services in Milton, ON

Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening in Milton area

Your smile says so much about you, and when you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, people can get the wrong impression about your level of happiness or confidence. Even slight staining or discoloration on your teeth can make you self-conscious about smiling or talking, but fortunately, professional teeth whitening services offered by Dr. Jameela Jifri at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON can help you improve your smile and get those pearly whites safely in a short amount of time! How professional tooth whitening works At Scott and Derry Dental Care, we provide tooth … Continue reading

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