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Milton dentist answers common questions about Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Dentist in Milton ON Area

With good home hygiene and regular dental visits, you can avoid many dental health problems. However, life happens, and sometimes a tooth becomes severely compromised due to factors that are beyond your control. When this happens, root canal therapy may be the only way to save a tooth that would need to be removed otherwise. Dr. Jameela Jifri, a dentist in Milton, Ontario, performs root canal treatment with a gentle touch so you can get out of pain and back to your everyday life.   Why would a root canal be needed? There are many reasons why root canal therapy might … Continue reading

Dental Hygiene Care for a sparkling, healthy smile

Dental Hygiene Care in Milton ON Area

Most people know that they should brush and floss every day, but how and when you brush your teeth, as well as other small habits throughout the day, can all make a big difference in the health of your smile. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, Ontario, we love helping our patients keep their smiles healthy at home by providing quick and easy dental hygiene tips. Brush after every meal, or at least twice per day, making sure to brush your teeth before bed. Bacteria, plaque, and debris all accumulate on our teeth during the day. Brushing after … Continue reading

Why wisdom tooth extraction might be necessary for your dental health

Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Milton ON Area

The wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to emerge, typically in a person’s late teenage years or early twenties. Some people have no problems with their wisdom teeth, but most people need them extracted, with millions of people undergoing wisdom tooth removal each and every year. Below, Dr. Jameela Jifri, an experienced dentist in Milton, Ontario, explains why wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary for your oral health. Why do wisdom teeth cause problems for so many people? Unlike your other teeth, the wisdom teeth are not necessary for you to properly chew your food and speak. When … Continue reading

Cavity fillings and other restorative dental services in Milton, ON

Cavity Filling Services in Milton ON Area

Good oral hygiene goes a long way towards preventing tooth decay and oral health problems, but life is full of unexpected surprises! Cavities, infections, and traumatic injuries can happen to even the most diligent brushers and flossers. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, we offer gentle treatments and restorative services to help return your smile back to health. Tooth-coloured fillings for cavities Cavities are one of the most common health problems worldwide. While insufficient oral hygiene can directly contribute to the formation of cavities, certain people are more susceptible to developing tooth decay. Such as those who … Continue reading

Wisdom teeth extraction: What to expect during and after treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Treatment in Milton ON Area

Wisdom tooth removal is among the most common types of dental surgeries performed worldwide. It is estimated that about 5 million people have their wisdom teeth removed each year! At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, our dental team may recommend wisdom teeth extraction if they are impacted or if there is insufficient space in the mouth for them to grow correctly. Read on to discover more about what to expect during and after your treatment. Getting wisdom teeth extracted The procedure for removing wisdom teeth varies depending on whether they are impacted (failed to erupt through the … Continue reading

Friendly, fun dental care for kids in Milton, ON

Dental Care for Kids in Milton ON Area

Finding a dental team with the experience and skills to handle all of your family members’ dental care needs under the same roof can be challenging, particularly when you have children. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, we provide a comprehensive array of dental services for the whole family, including dental services designed specifically for kids. We make visits to the dentist fun and engaging while ensuring that your child’s smile develops correctly for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Children’s dental services We provide pediatric dental care for kids throughout all stages of their development. From the … Continue reading

How to treat the bacterial infection that causes gum disease

How to Treat Gum Infection in Milton ON Area

While many factors can contribute to the development of gum disease, at its core, it is a bacterial infection that creates a destructive cycle of inflammation that can ultimately lead to gum recession, loose teeth, bone loss, and even tooth loss. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, we offer a range of preventive services and treatment options for gum disease. How we treat gum disease Gum disease is a progressive condition that can cause various serious oral health problems if left untreated. Fortunately, at its earliest stage (gingivitis), gum disease is reversible. It can often be managed … Continue reading

Taking Care of Your Smile after Teeth Veneer Treatment

Teeth Veneer Treatment in Milton Area

When watching your favourite movie, you will notice most movie stars have a first-class smile. But do you think they were born like that? Absolutely not. These celebrities realized the power of veneers to enhance their smile. And because you also want to get a picture-worthy smile, veneer treatment from Scott and Derry Dental Care of Milton, Ontario, is an impeccable solution for perfectly shaped teeth. But since they don’t come cheap, you would want your veneers to last long, don’t you? Taking care of your veneers is an entire regimen. However, maintenance of your veneers is effortless since Dr. … Continue reading

What to Anticipate When You Visit a Dental Implant Dentist in Milton

Dental Implant Dentist in Milton Area

A beautiful smile yields numerous benefits, including showing you are approachable and boosting your mood and confidence. While having a stunning smile matters, not everyone has been blessed with one. For instance, a missing tooth can leave you with a “gappy smile” — something that you don’t want. Is a missing tooth stealing the shine from your smile? Dental implants from Scott and Derry Dental Care can fix your mouth gaps, and you will find yourself smiling with confidence again. But what should I expect from the dental implant procedure? Is it painful? Like every dental procedure, you might be … Continue reading

Protect Your Smile with a Custom Design Mouthguard

Custom Design Mouthguards in Milton Area

Do you love sports? Do you wear a mouthguard? Here are some fascinating facts. Approximately 40% of dental injuries are sustained in sports, and failing to wear a mouthguard makes you 60 times susceptible to mouth and face injuries! As we let these statistics sink in, it’s time to consider a mouthguard. While most people in Milton shun mouthguards because they hamper breathing, alter speech, and feel uncomfortable, custom-designed mouthguards are precisely the opposite. The process of getting a custom-made mouthguard If you are about to get a mouthguard from Scott and Derry Dental Care, the process begins by taking … Continue reading

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