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TMJ TMD Treatment

TMJ exercises and solutions for pain relief and management

TMJ Exercises for Pain Relief in Milton ON Area

At Scott and Derry Dental Care of Milton, Ontario, our team offers assistance in diagnosing and treating conditions such as TMD. TMD is a disorder caused by a malfunctioning TMJ joint and can be addressed with medication, exercises, or surgery. What is the TMJ? TMJ is the acronym for “temporomandibular joint.” This is the jaw joint responsible for allowing you to open and close your mouth. In some instances, this joint may become dysfunctional, resulting in TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, which causes pain and discomfort. Many patients with mild TMD can address the issue with over-the-counter pain medications, though … Continue reading

Getting relief from TMJ pain at your dentist’s office

TMJ Dentist Office in Milton ON Area

TMJ disorder can affect much more than the joints in your jaw. In addition to pain in the face, ears, and neck, TMJ disorder can lead to headaches, problems with eating, dizziness, and an overall deterioration of your quality of life. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, Ontario, the team at our dental office is equipped with both the tools and expertise to help provide relief from your TMJ symptoms. TMJ care tailored to your needs During your regular checkups at Scott and Derry Dental Care, our comprehensive evaluation not only includes checking for signs of gum disease … Continue reading

TMJ disorder treatment options in Milton, ON

TMJ Disorder Treatment Options at Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder, can dramatically affect your quality of life – and many patients may not even know that TMJ disorder is what is causing their pain and discomfort. This condition can cause a wide variety of symptoms ranging from jaw pain or popping to headaches, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, our team is experienced in diagnosing and treating this common condition so you can get back to your normal life. TMJ disorder treatment options Treating TMJ disorder requires a highly personalized approach by a skilled dentist … Continue reading

TMJ treatment options for pain with Milton, ON dentist

TMJ Treatment Options in Milton ON Area

TMJ, or the “temporomandibular joint,” is the jaw joint that hinges the upper and lower jawbones. It allows for the opening and closing of the mouth for laughing, speaking, and eating. However, some patients in the Milton, ON area may experience discomfort and pain in and around this joint. For many, they may be diagnosed by their physician or dentist with a condition called TMJ or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder).” Many will take the time to connect with Dr. Jameela Jifri and her associates at Scott and Derry Dental Care to discuss treatment options. What are the signs of TMJ/TMD? … Continue reading

Milton dentist describes TMJ symptoms and treatment options

TMJ Symptoms and Treatment Options at Scott & Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

The jaw joint, known as the temporomandibular joint or TMJ, is the joint that hinges the jaw and attaches it to the human skull. This jaw joint is responsible for allowing the mouth to open and close for speaking and eating. However, there are times when this specific joint can become problematic. Dr. Jameela Jifri of Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, Ontario, educates patients on the condition known as TMJ disorder, or TMD, its symptoms, and the treatment options available. What is TMJ disorder? When the temporomandibular joint is dysfunctional, it often becomes a problem for the patient. … Continue reading

Patients in Milton, ON Suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Seeking Treatment to Ease Discomfort

Treating TMJ Disorder at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton ON Area

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is susceptible to several disorders. These disorders can result in painful conditions for your jaw joint and the muscles which control jaw movements. For some who suffer, temporomandibular joint disorders are a result of injury, but for many who suffer, there is no obvious reason why the pain and discomfort surfaced. Treating TMJ disorders can be tricky, but Dr. Jameela Jifri and the team at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, want to be there for you to not only diagnose TMJ disorders but to also help develop a plan of treatment. You … Continue reading

Milton, ON dentist, describes TMJ/TMD treatment options

Dentist Describes About Tmj Treatment Options at Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, on Area

Conditions such as TMJ/TMD are commonly found in adults who have poor bite alignment or muscles and joints that have become dysfunctional with time. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, while TMD is the chronic condition that causes the TMJ to become problematic for a patient. The TMJ is the joint that hinges the upper and lower jaw and helps patients eat and speak. But some patients experience a malfunction of this joint, causing locking or popping while eating or speaking. When this occurs, Milton, ON area patients may be diagnosed by their dentist with a condition known as TMD. With … Continue reading

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