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The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Milton ON

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Milton ON

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Milton ON Area

The root canal procedure has long been known as the most painful dental work one typically gets at a dentist, aside from a wisdom tooth removal. In fact, wisdom teeth usually involve actual dental surgery, whereas the root canal procedure can still be performed in a regular dental office. However, the name and myth often get people nervous about root canals, which is not necessary. At Scott and Derry Dental Care, Milton, ON, root canal treatment options are easy to take advantage of. What’s Actually Involved Teeth are generally very resistant to their environment, bacteria, and food. However, over time … Continue reading

A root canal procedure in Milton – it’s nothing to be scared of

Nothing to Be Scared of Root Canal in Milton area

Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON offers a full range of basic and advanced dental treatments. Patients are often excited about cosmetic improvements, and unconcerned about restorations. Yet, there is one procedure that tends to raise anxiety in even the calmest patient, and that is the root canal. Fortunately, this fear is based in myth, misunderstanding, and outdated information. Here we will explain a bit about the procedure and what it accomplishes, starting with the most important fact – it is nothing to be scared of. Top three root canal myths Of all dental procedures, why do people … Continue reading

Milton, ON dentist explains common myths and facts about root canals

Milton Dentist Explains Common Myths and Facts About Root Canals in Milton, ON, area

As a dental practice, we are all familiar with the groan that hearing the phrase “root canal” can elicit from people. It is understandable that endodontic procedures can seem painful, but the reality of the treatment is much less scary than it sounds. At Scott and Derry Dental Care in Milton, ON, we are here to guide patients through their dental care and answer their questions every step of the way. Below, our dentist busts common myths about root canals and offers the facts about this effective treatment that can be used to save your natural teeth. Root canal overview … Continue reading

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